Corporate Vision

Since Aurum Mestika Sejati’s Pte Ltd founding in 2002, in a constantly changing competitive global environment, AMS’s strategy and ambitions are founded on three core values that have guided its development since the beginning.


Aurum Mestika Sejati believes that “Integrity is everything”, where every employee is expected to exemplify the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness in all their actions. To work in a transparent and ethical manner is the core fundamental in our training to all of our employees.


Aurum Mestika Sejati is devoted to the development of its employee, always maintaining a loyal and nurturing relationship with them. Employees take pride in all the brands and agencies that are represented by the Company and are committed to the development of Aurum Mestika Sejati’s brands and agencies.

Vision Driven

Aurum Mestika Sejati is a company which envisions how markets should be developed for brandowners, to the consumers. Employees are nurtured to think out of the box and to be creative in their daily efforts.